The Wild Lodge Wedding Venue Heidelberg

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At The Wild we are obsessed with creating your wedding day just as you had imagined it.

The choices are yours – be as creative as you want to be.

Each one of us have it within us…

… an inherent yearning, a deep desire to reconnect…

…to simplicity; peace and quiet

…it’s a longing for THE WILD!

In this insane world, our senses have become attuned to the rush, the stress, clock-watching, phones and communication that is moving faster than the speed of light.

But within, we know that distance from daily life in true wild nature; makes everything seem small….

time moves slower and things that seemed way, way out of perspective makes so much more sense!

This is something we yearn for which is interwoven into our fabric as human beings….

A longing for the WILD open spaces, clear fresh air, gentle breezes and starlit sky…

A longing for our senses to reconnect to the vibration of nature, the rush of the wind in the leaves and the animals snorting away in hearing distance!

There is such a place where you can Awaken your Senses and Nurture your Soul; and if not for just pleasure… it will bring so much joy even if you bring your work.

Your eyes will simply not believe that this world of its 1050 hq of majestic wilderness is but 25 minutes out of Johannesburg!

Let alone … not one piece of city; whether its noise or pollution is anywhere to be found!

The WILD is such a hideaway in Heidelberg, a seeming stone throw away from the city… yet here sleeping right outside the rush; the exotic wild continues with its breathtaking wilderness and natural Eco-system!

Whether you a are a bird and animal lover, enjoy nature trials or Mountain biking… star-gazing or a big bonfire… THE WILD offers rolling green hills; incredible views; not to mention the breathtaking sky which consistently changes in magnificent art displays; but cabanas with exquisite fittings… or even better yet…

The Wild