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Here are the top 20 things to consider and ask before you decide which venue to use. I have added below each question what The Wild can offer you.

1. How many guests can it hold?

The Wild has several options depending on the size of your party.

The Hawk – Can hold up to 120 guests.

The Owl – Can hold up to 200 guests.

The Hawk
The Owl

2. Are there different options at the venues?

Yes, when you book The Hawk you may also consider using the Boma for your reception. The Boma can hold up to 26 guests.
Reception in the Boma
Reception in the Boma

3. Can we have our ceremony and reception there?

The ceremony and reception are on the same premises at both venues.

The Hawk – A on site chapel (can seat 120) is available or you may choose to have your ceremony outside.

The Owl – The ceremony is held outside (Chapel not available at this venue)

Chapel available at The Hawk
Wedding Ceremony held outside.

4. Will there be onsite accommodation for our guests?

The Hawk – Chalet’s are available that can accommodate up to 22 guests. This excludes the honeymoon suite. Camper trailers are also available on request which can sleep up to 4 guests per camper.

The Owl – No permanent accommodation is available on site but campers can be supplied.

Honeymoon Suite available at The Hawk
Campers for additional sleeping arrangements. (Campers are supplied on rental)

5. How does the pricing structure work?

Both venues have a fixed cost for the hire. Additional services are available from our on site wedding planner, decor and catering.

You may also choose to have your decor and/or catering done by an external supplier. There is a surcharge fee attached for the use of the venues facilities.

The Hawk – The venue is booked for you from Friday 12am to Sunday 12am. The entire venue, boma, entertainment area, chalet’s and honeymoon suite are at your disposal for the entire time.

The Owl – The venue is booked for your wedding day but suppliers are welcome to access the venue 2 days prior to the wedding day.

Decor and Catering available on-site
Attention to detail

6. Is it based on room hire, price per head, minimum spend or are there set packages?

The venue is hired as a unit at a fixed cost. Decor, catering and additional services are calculated per head.
Honeymoon Suite
View from the honeymoon suite

7. Is the catering in-house or is there an approved caterers list?

There is in-house catering and decor available, but you may also choose to use your own suppliers. For external suppliers there is a fixed surcharge.
Entertainment Area

8. Do we have a choice in which suppliers we can use?

You may choose any supplier you want to.
Decor in Boma
Decor on stoep area – The Hawk

9. Are there any sample menus we can look at?

Yes, sample menus are available with a wide variety of choices. You may choose one of the basic menus and add or remove to suit your taste.
Surrounded by nature
The Hawk

10. Is there plenty of natural light or will dark conditions make it tricky for our photographer?

The Wild is situated on a game farm. Lighting can be set in each venue and area. The are ample natural surroundings for stunning photographs.

We also will assist your photographer in finding the perfect setting you desire.

Please take note that it takes time to get to the different areas so allow at least 2 hours.

The Hawk outside lighting

11. Will we need to hire in any extra lighting?

The venues are all well lit. Decor lighting such as fairy lights are included in the estimate based on your needs.
Fairy Lights
Fairy Lights

12. Is there plenty of outdoor space?

More than enough.
Ample space
The Hawk from The Owl

13. Is there plenty of parking?

Yes, there is ample parking available.
Parking space at The Hawk
Parking space at The Owl

14. What chairs and tableware will we use?

The chairs and tables are included in the venue hire. The round tables for guests seat ten persons per table. (Decor not included)
Round Tables
Square Tables

15. How many other weddings are likely to take place on the same day/weekend as ours, if any?

There are two venues and each may have one wedding on the same day. They are however a few kilometers apart and the one would have no effect on the other. (You might see the lights in the distance)
The Hawk as seen from The Owl
Walkway at The Hawk

16. What are the staff numbers for service on the day?

Staff required for the day are calculated based on the guest list and is included in the catering and decor estimate.

Should you make use of external suppliers they will need to supply the staff to service the guests.

Special details for your day

17. What are our bar options and can we see a bar price list?

There is a cash bar available at each venue, the price list is available on request.
View from The Hawk

18. Can we supply your own beverages and will there be a corkage charge?

Own beverages are not allowed and a corkage fee will be charged.

You may however bring your own beverages when booking The Hawk for Friday afternoon and Sunday morning.

Chair Decor
Chair Decor

19. When can we get in and out of the venue to give access to our suppliers on the day?

Suppliers can have access from two days prior to the wedding day.

20. Are there any particular restrictions such as the use of confetti or candles?

We would prefer that you use confetti like rose petals, bubbles, popcorn and not use any paper based or plastic types.

It is a game farm and the animals to venture into the areas at night to eat (the green lawn and flowers).

You may use candles but under controlled circumstances.

The Hawk is a Grass top venue with several grass top buildings. The venues are located inside the game farm with natural growth.

The growth is vulnerable to veld fires in the dry season and it requires management of open flames.

Rose Petals

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